Vivien Pan


Mandarin Teacher

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大家好! My name is Vivien Pan. I was born in Jiangsu, Mainland China, and I moved to Hong Kong several years ago to pursue my studies. I enjoy my life in Hong Kong as it is a place where east meets west.

I obtained my BA in Chinese Language and Literature in Dalian, China and my MA in Chinese Linguistics and Language Acquisition from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I also finished my PGDE in Early Childhood Education from the Education University of Hong Kong. I worked in an IB school before joining HKCA Po Leung Kuk School. I treat my role as a teacher, learner and member in the learning community.

I am an inquirer as learning new things always makes me inspired. I enjoy watching soccer, writing poems and cooking in my spare time. I believe the individuality of every child should be valued and respected. My dream is to promote understanding between people of different backgrounds and help children realize their potential as global citizens.