Stephanie Lai


Grade 3 Assistant Teacher

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Hi, my name is Stephanie Lai. Before I pursued my Master’s Degree full-time and gave birth to two children, I worked as an English teacher in a private English primary school for five years. To maintain work-life balance and to enrich my IB knowledge, I stepped out of the leading role as a homeroom teacher to a supportive role as an assistant teacher. I am excited about being a part of our dynamic and passionate team. I will collaborate with all the staff members at HKCA PLK School and contribute my effort for the betterment of the whole.

In my free time, I enjoy watching movies. My current favorite is “Top Gun Maverick”, which is about a courageous test pilot training a detachment of Top Gun graduates for a specialized mission.

My dear students, I am here at HKCA PLK School to take the IB PYP flight with you! We will cruise with fun and creative teachers and loving parents, spot beautiful landmarks throughout our journey, and face adverse weather together in these challenging times of a global epidemic. Everyone’s journey is different. We all learn at different speeds, but we will all land safely with our unique dreams one day.

My dear parents, children do not necessarily have to go to a big brand-named school to be happy and successful. A small community like HKCA PLK School provides a nourishing environment filled with love. Let’s work together to support these young minds in becoming their glorious selves.