Phoebe Chan


Supply Teacher

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Hi, my name is Phoebe Chan. I have been studying in the UK since I was 9, and returned to Hong Kong after graduating from Plymouth University in Hospitality Management. I worked in different industries to find my true calling in life, as I was brought up with the mindset of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying, even if errors are the outcome. One must grow through what you go through! Ultimately, I found my passion in the education field through my job at the Hong Kong Rugby Union.

Applying what I experienced from my careers and on the hockey field, I concluded that success isn’t about getting the top mark in the class or scoring the most goals in a sports game. Success is being able to enjoy your life while you are learning! I have been infusing this principle into my teaching and my passion for sports. Every child is unique in their own way and we should never be afraid to be different from each other!