Ms. Laura López Muñoz

Keith Chong

K3 Assistant Teacher

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Hi, my name is Laura. I was born and raised in Madrid (Spain). I graduated from Rey Juan Carlos University and Autonoma University of Madrid, receiving my Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees respectively. Coming to Hong Kong, I’ve worked mainly at an international kindergarten for the last 2 years. Teaching brings me great joy and this amazing sense of pride. To be able to nurture young minds into becoming our future leaders is an honour to be part of. I believe that being a teacher means that life is a never-ending lesson. There is no truly one right way to teach, and every child is different in their own special ways!

As for some little snippets of myself, I enjoy playing football. I also used to coach little league football teams back in Spain. In addition to my hobbies, I love a good book, hanging out under the sun and basically anything sporty!