Mr Jonathan Keeler


Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher

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Hi everyone! I am Mr. Jonathan, the Lead Teacher of Grade 1J and I am so excited to welcome you into our school! I promise that you will feel right at home in 1J and that we are going to have so much FUN learning together this year.
I grew up in Colorado, USA. I have lived in Hong Kong for 2 years now. My wife, Ms. Kimber is teaching 6th grade this year. We both are so excited to introduce to you our son, Remi, who is almost 1 years old! I love spending time with my lovely wife, my son, friends, and exploring Hong Kong’s wonderful outdoors. I also like biking, playing basketball, camping and watching movies. In 1J, you will learn how to be curious learners, how to communicate kindly and how to be super independent problem solvers. Being a teacher is the best job because I get to learn along with my students every day. I can’t wait to get to know you all better because you are about to become such a big part of my life. Let’s get learning!