Our Vision

Our students will become creative, critical thinkers who are internationally minded lifelong learners.

Internationally minded people manifest the values and resulting behaviour that enables them to respect and embrace differences in cultures, opinions and perspectives, care for others and the environment, and take action to make the world a better place

Our Mission

  • Provide a transdisciplinary, challenging learning environment in a happy, safe and caring school
  • Develop our students’ confidence and desire to inquire, in order to expand their knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Nurture individual interests, strengths and abilities
  • Foster an inclusive language atmosphere where English, Chinese and other mother-tongue languages are valued and respected

Our Values

Love, Respect, Diligence & Integrity
Building on its 70 years of experience in providing quality education services, Po Leung Kuk has established its first ‘international’ school running not just a non-local curriculum but offering a genuine cross-cultural experience. Our students will reach out to and interact with the local community, experiencing society through participation in a wide range of social service projects at the Kuk’s many service units. Po Leung Kuk operates the school in a not-for-profit manner, ensuring that all revenue generated is used for the benefit of the students.