We have no annual levy, no debenture and no hidden costs. Our fees are reasonable, in line with the charitable mission of Po Leung Kuk. “Dedicated to serving the community, the Kuk offers comprehensive quality education, which caters to the general public and to keep abreast of the fast-changing society.”

The only additional costs will be for field trips, some after-school activities, bus, lunch, stationery and uniform.

The school has a fee remission scheme for families that need financial assistance to cover tuition fees. The applicant must be the parent or legal guardian of a student who is currently studying at the school.

For more details of the fee remission scheme and application forms, please contact the School Office.

Payment of the Application Fee, which is determined on a cost-recover basis and the user-pay principle, does not guarantee admission to the School.

Annual tuition fees may be adjusted upon approval of the Education Bureau.