About Po Leung Kuk

HKCA PLK School IB-PYP School in Hong Kong

Founded in 1878, Po Leung Kuk, as one of the largest charity organizations in Hong Kong, has been serving the Hong Kong community for 138 years with its objective of “Protecting the Young and the Innocent” (保赤安良). Currently, the Kuk has around 300 units strategically located throughout Hong Kong and provides services in education, cultural fields, recreation and social welfare.

The Kuk has 97 educational services units operating on a non-profit basis. These units include a community college, a private independent school, aided secondary schools, Direct Subsidy Scheme secondary schools, aided primary schools, Direct Subsidy Scheme primary schools, private primary school, kindergartens, special schools with boarding facilities, evening schools, education services centres, English learning centres, Pre-primary Education Services Centre, Central Library cum Resource Centre, Education and Research Testing Centre, Central Campus TV and Leadership Camp.

The Kuk has around 40,000 students in their schools.